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Atlas Copco:Control your tightening-Smart Assembly Management System


With Atlas Copco’s newSmart Assembly Management System (Smart AMS)you implement an effective and smart tightening process control software system to increase product quality while collecting all process data. Enhance your competitiveness with this centralized management of all tightening processes in your stations, line or plant and drive digitalization. The easy set-up, high degree of flexibility and simple maintenance facilitates your manufacturing enormously – saving costs in hardware, engineering as well as rework and repair. Without need for industrial PCs (HMIs) in each station theSmart Assembly Management System (Smart AMS)is a cost-efficient entry level solution for process control. The easy expandability with further error-proofing features allows to invest step-by-step to full process control with a high return on investment.

Your benefits

By implementing Smart Assembly Management System (Smart AMS) as process control system in your line, you gain

• Easy to use entry-level tightening control→ Manage your tightening stations with a server based solution. Minimized set-up: tools and controller combined with a server where Smart AMS is installed.

• Simple integration to your production system→ Connect your MES and PLC system with an application programming interface (API)

• Fast and centralized configuration→ Direct configuration from a Microsoft® Excel® file to the server

• Huge scalability→ Upgrade your Smart AMS system step-by-step from a single tightening control solution to a full assembly process control. Add further error-proofing features like operator guidance, pick-to-light or part verification according to your needs and budget.

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