Report 2023

Report 2023

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AMTS 2023(The 18th Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Materials Show) was held on July 5-8, 2023 at Hall W1-W5 and E1-E2 of the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

On an exhibition area of nearly80,000 square meters,800+exhibitors from19countries and regions around the world were met with47,605professional visitors, an increase of41.86%compared with 2021. The show provided a combination of “exhibition” and “conference” that consisted more than20professional seminars, forums and interactive activities, attracting3,615automotive engineering experts and researchers to discuss on the innovation and development of the automotive manufacturing industry.

800+Exhibitors285Buyer Groups

47,605Visitors Nearly80,000Exhibition Aera ㎡

20+Accompany Events3,615Conference Attendees

285 Buyer Groups

It is also worth mentioning that 285 companies and colleges sent visitor groups to the exhibition. They include: BYD、NIO、Tesla、Leapmotor、Xiaomi、Lixiang、Honda、BMW、Volvo、Geely、Beijing Benz、SAIC Motor、General Motors、XPT、SVOLT、BorgWarner、CNEV、Shanghai University Of Engineering Science、KAIST etc.

What our Visitors said about the 2023 show?

Ma Zheng, Planner, SHAC CO., LTD.

The suppliers covered every field in the industry, and we have seen equipment, technologies and new materials that we had not been used before. We also talked to the exhibitors in order to know more about their new products. Also, the organizer has provided a visitor’s lounge so we can have business talks. The overall results were very good.

Wang Xiancai, Subsection Chief, HMCT

This is our first participation in AMTS. The brands exhibited cover the entire industry. Take automatic tightening equipment as an example, we have talked to several suppliers we were interested in before the show. So, through the exhibition, we wanted to know more about the current situation in the industry, and we can find the products that are more suitable, and more cost-effective for us. We look forward to the next edition of the show and believe it will be even better!

What our exhibitors said about the 2023 show?

I believe that new energy and smart automobiles will dominate the future market. However, before it comes true, more excellent companies need to stand out and innovate. MINO will keep a close tap on the industry trend and focus on leading enterprises and mainstream intelligent manufacturing solutions. We will play it safe and avoid risks in the market. MINO is an old friend of AMTS, and we have shown our latest products and solutions through this professional platform. We have also learned a lot about the industry and new technological developments. We are grateful to AMTS for such opportunities.

Yao Weibin, Chairman & CEO, Guangzhou MINO Equipment Co., Ltd.

I think the theme of AMTS 2023 is well in line with the current trend in the industry, e.g. Germany's Industry 4.0 and China's Manufacturing 2025. Their key goals have a lot in common, such as intelligent manufacturing and digital factory. In view of the exhibition theme and the current trend of new energy upgrade in the automotive industry, we have brought our core product series. This is the sixth time we participate in AMTS, through which we have not only shown our technical advantages and strength, but also obtained industry information. Overall the results are very good.

Shi Lingyun, Head of MPS FCS China Fluid Connectors Division, STAUBLI (Hangzhou) Mechatronic Co.,Ltd.

We look forward to a reunion at

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on October 10.11-13,

Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 3-5, 2024.

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